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Like mother like daughter

So after thinking to myself on an almost daily basis about how I should start a blog I finally start one, get 3 posts under my belt and…see this on facebook

It’s my moms new blog!  She is starting a blog about parenting and the education system and this is her first post an it is a letter to me and my brothers.  Really?!? I haven’t gotten the guts to tell anyone about my blog yet, I may never…we’ll see.  (If I don’t, does that make me weird because then I’m not only talking to myself but I’m also documenting it?)  But I digress bc this blog is not about me, well not really, but about my mother and her blog.  It is funny that we both would begin blogging at about the same time, even though we never talked about it.  I am so much my mother’s daughter. 🙂

I know that her blog is going to be wonderful, because she is wonderful.  To put it mildly I was not an easy child to love like growing up,especially from ages 12-18.  I was a brat.  I fought with my brother, screamed at my parents, left messes everywhere I went, backtalked, rolled my eyes, and I’m sure I didn’t say thank you ever.  Even still my mother was always there.  When I was mad that she was always volunteering at my school, other children were jealous because my mom was so nice, so pretty, so loving, made the best cake, was involved.  I worked hard in school because I knew if I didn’t then my mom would know immediately.  I only hung out with the good kids in school because my mom called their parents always to make sure they would be home and they did not allow underage drinking. Waaay embarrassing, especially when you are 18!  My mom was also at every play, award ceremony, and school function.  When I was in 5th grade and was offered a background role in The Patriot, my mom let me miss school and woke up at 5am, scooped me up and drove me to Brattonsville for 8-10 boring hours of filming every day for 2 weeks.  And y’all I was a total diva about being in a movie, I even screamed at my mom in front of everyone one day.  I remember it clearly, the guilt of being so hateful to my mom still eats at me when I remember that time and many others that I was mean to my mom.  My mom has always been and always will be the one I call when I have great news because I know she will always be excited for me.  She has been and always will be the one I call with the bad/sad news too because she always reassured me that everything will be ok.  It’s always been true too.  Yes, my mommy does know best.

I love you and always will Mommy because of you I am a college graduate, working at my dream career, not knocked up, and not dating/married to a loser.  It’s a good balance of things you’ve taught me. 😉  Thank you.


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