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The 11.11 miles that almost weren’t

I woke up this morning at 4:45am with every intention of going to boot camp at 5:30.  Unfortunately around 5:15, the time  was leaving it began to monsoon outside.  I opened and shut the front door several times debating on whether or not I should try to brave the weather or go back to bed,  Penny was begging me to go back to bed, but I was already up and dressed, coffee in hand so out I went.  Boot camp (which is outside) was canceled, even though by 5:30 the pouring rain had turned into a pitiful drizzle.  Determined to get some kind of quality workout in this morning I headed to the gym to get my sweat glisten on. 😉 Another bootcamper had the same idea.  However once at the gym I felt unmotivated, unfocused, and unenergetic.   After several weeks of outdoor boot camps, runs, and biking I now feel claustrophobic in the gym. I got on an elliptical intended to do 30 minutes…I did about 16 min.  Then I went to do some abs and fell off the ab ball/it flew out from under me.  How does that even happen? Welllll let’s just say slick nylon shorts and plastic ball do not go well together.  Then I went and did some alternating chest and back exercises for another 15 minutes before calling it quits at the gym and going to the duck pond to get a run in.  It was still dark outside and drizzling off and on as I set out on my run, but the weather was breezy and cool without being cold and my body felt great!  Without even thinking about it, I found myself just going and going.  My original intention was to do at minimum 5 miles.  I ended up doing 11.11miles! (and yes, I walked .1 miles to make it an even 1111. OCD much?)  My pace was 8.20 min miles!

I think my run was so successful for 3 reasons. 1. I had an easy day yesterday. 2. My body now craves long runs (I think it’s addicted to the endorphins or confused. Either way.) 3. I had a lot of stuff on my mind.

Running has always been my me time to reflect, relax, and be myself by myself.  Lately though I have been sharing this time with a certain someone else and shockingly I not only don’t feel annoyed about having a running buddy, but I look forward to our runs.  I find running with Kris makes the time and miles fly by.  He has really pulled the runner out of me.  Before running with him I would run 5-6 miles with a longer run thrown in every other week or so.  Now 5 miles is a rest day run.  My only complaint is that running with Kris means I’m talking and laughing and so in the moment that I have lost my reflection time.  So today since I was flying solo I was free to let my mind wander and reflect.  I thought a lot about some big changes I have made since moving to Texas and as certain songs played I was reminded of different times, people, and events in my life.  It was a very therapeutic run.  A blog on my changes is to come soon!  However this is already wordy and I have a needy puppy who needs some TLC!


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