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Mental Health Day!

I LOVE my job! Going to work and taking care of all my residents makes me happy. Because I love my job and my residents I give 110% every day and often wish I could do more.  I am so lucky to have a job with steady hours and weekends off as a nurse, but lately I have been feeling overly tired and stressed in general.  I have not been able to come up with a way to make my mornings more productive and I feel like I am without a social life since I work until 10 11 or later during the week, even Fridays.  Then the weekends come and I feel like I have to cram in family and friend time.  Most of the time I roll with it and feel fine but lately work has drained me emotionally.

This week, one of my residents passed away.  She was my first.  She was new to my floor, I had only cared for her for a few days, but it was still very hard.  I had to be the one to pronounce the death and tell the family.  I had to dig deep not to cry as I spoke with the family and provided them with comfort.  I knew that this was going to be a part of working in a field where some of my residents are hospice, I just did not expect it to happen so soon.  I know a lot of people wonder why I would want to work someplace where I have to deal with death.  Here is why I choose to work in the field that I do:  I know that my resident went comfortably and not in pain with family by her, I bring quality to lives that may not have much time left,  and I am reminded every day to be gentle, kind, understanding, patient, and loving because my residents have lived long full lives and deserve integrity, respect, passion, and excellence (the core values of my company).

After going through my first death I had a hard time being positive at work.  I put a smile on my face and forced jokes and laughs with my residents, but faking it till I was making it just wasn’t working for me.  So today I am taking a mental health day.  No work, no plans, no errands.  I am just doing what I feel like and spending the day pampering myself and reflecting.  Already today I have run 12 miles, gotten my nails done, gotten a hair cut, and written a new post! 🙂  I think I may nap after this, maybe do a little laundry, straighten up the kitchen, and go to boot camp, or not.  It doesn’t really matter because this is my day.  Before I go though, it’s Friday so here is my 10 things that made me happy this week!

  1. Mia’s birthday! She’s 9!!!
  2. My new blue fingernails
  3. An 11 mile run AND a 12 mile run
  4. Sunday funday with Kris and Ella
  5. New music on my Ipod
  6. Not feeling like the newbie at work!
  7. Negative test results on a mammogram one of my residents had
  8. We got rain!!!
  9. It’s in the 90’s outside even though it’s September
  10. The guest room my bedroom is all set up!

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