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Staycation all I ever wanted

I had the most fabulous weekend!  My weekend was full of doggy love, belly laughs, froyo, wine, and friends! 🙂  Yup, that’s right I said friends!  Since my family was out of town this weekend I had dog duty (and bunnyzilla and kitty duty too).  The bunny and kitty are easy peasy to take care of.  Pretty Penny…well she has some attachment issues in the form of “if you are gone longer than 1 hour I will eat your shoes, dig holes, and poop in the house”  So I wanted to make sure that she did not destroy the house while my fam was gone and I’m kinda in love with this dog and cannot stand the sad look she gives me when I leave her at home I revolved my weekend around her.  We went to the dog park Saturday where she ran, swam, and got a bath! Then she had a play date with another dog for a few hours, while I went and had some frozen yogurt for lunch.  Yes I had a bowl of frozen yogurt the size of my head for lunch (don’t judge it was delicious) ps my bf is awesome for letting me convince him to eat froyo as a meal. Afterwards I picked up Penny and we came home to relax and get ready for some friends to come over.  I didn’t want to go out Saturday night and leave her home alone so I invited a few people to come over to cook out and have some beers.  I didn’t want it to be a party or a big deal, just a laid back night in.  Then I got worried that nobody would come because it was lame and then I stressed a little about hosting,because I don’t know how to host.  I’m awkward, you know.  But guess what? People came and it was really laid back and chill.  Everybody looooved Penny, and I think they think I’m alright. 😉  Today Penny got to go to PetSmart to get a crate and a rawhide so she’ll stop eating my shoes because I heard dogs love rawhide.  We also left with a rubber chicken chew toy, a doggy poo bag thing that clips to the leash, and a mat to put under her water bowl since she floods the floor every time she has a drink.  Then this afternoon I celebrated a birthday of a very special little 5 year old by going to Monkey Joes (It’s a gymnasium full of bounce house stuff,  wanted to jump and slide soooo bad but I was wearing a dress but they said no adults), then we did presents (she got this snazzy easy bake oven from her family and a pretty nifty princess art set from me), then it as time for CiCi’s Pizza, which was followed by ice cream cake and some easy bake oven cookies (Hey we had to test it out!)  This long weekend was just what I needed.  It was relaxing and fun.  I am looking forward to getting back into my routine tomorrow with 5:30am boot camp followed by a long run (exercise did not happen this weekend, but I’m not going to stress because happiness is about balance)  Oddly I’m not tired right now which is strange because every other night this weekend I’ve turned into a pumpkin and fallen asleep super embarrassingly early (More on that later, when I have the pics.  Got your attention right? 😉 )  I think I’m going to try to do a little reading before I go to sleep. Real quick though, I was talking to my mom today about how I feel that my mornings just aren’t productive enough and I feel like I have  growing pile of grown up things to do, so here is my solution: Sunday posts will include a weekly to do list.  This will make me be accountable and hopefully increase my morning productivity.

To Do

Look at some cars

Create a budget

Buy Pillows

13 mile run

Register for Half Marathon

Update blog at least once

Update Ipod

Plan itinerary for SC trip in less then 2 weeks!!!!


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