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When I am old

This past work week was wonderful.  I feel much more comfortable and confident at my job.  I have really developed strong relationships with my residents and it feels good to see how they respond to my care.  I could tell that I was missed after being gone for 3 days.  Being better at my job means that I get all of my work done faster so that I have more time to spend with my residents doing their nails, listening to their stories, giving them arm and shoulder rubs, and feeding them.  Not everyday do I have time to do all of that though. Some days I have admissions, unstable patients, deaths, ect that take priority which is very frustrating to me and my residents.  Not all of them understand why one day I can push them down the hall to the dining hall and the next I have to walk past them because I am in a hurry to take report or I have a phone call from a physician.  Another nurse told me that I shouldn’t feed my residents or push them down the hall,when they can do it themselves, because then my CNAs won’t do it and my residents will expect it. While she may be right, she is missing the point of why I do the things I do and why I choose to be a nurse in a skilled nursing home. I want to do more than give medications and treat wounds.  I want to treat souls.  I want to provide holistic care.  Every resident is a human being with thoughts and feelings.  They deserve quality care.  I know that when I am old and cannot always put into words my thoughts and needs, when I get scared and confused, when I am having a bad day and am too tired to get out of bed, or when my arthritis is painful that someone will take the time to look and listen to me to see what I need, that the will hold my hand and reassure me that I am safe, that they will help me down the hall even though I can “use my legs” (I am guilty of telling residents this and even though it is a physical therapy thing and that it is proven that the more residents do for themselves the longer they stay active and mobile, I still feel awful about telling them this)  and I hope that someone will give me messages and believe me when I say I am in pain.  I know also when I am old that I will still care about privacy, vanity (please don’t let me go out in public without my hair being brushed), and having a social life.  So I remind myself every day to be kind, gentle, serving, and patient even when I get frustrated and want to yell or snap.  The nice thing about acting as if I am not mad or frustated is that after an hour or so of acting as if I am happy to be there I find myself not acting and genuinely happy, because my residents are happy.

What I imagine I will be like when I am old

Now for my 10 things that make me happy! I really did try to post this yesteday but when I hit publish there was an error and my entire post was gone.  Sadness. briefly.

  • I’m Cola bound in 4 days!!!!!! This makes me giddy
  • 13.33 miles! Woo I ran a half marathon distance!
  • Being serenaded by one of my residents.
  • New running shoes

    Ankle socks are sexy right?

  • Dark chocolate greek yogurt oatmeal bowls for breakfast topped with cool whip. nom nom nom

    A day started with cool whip is a happy one 🙂

  • Painting my residents fingernails glittery red and hot pink. (They look goooood ;))
  • naps
  • New season of Parks and Rec
  • She is hilarious
  • V passed NCLEX!!! I’m so proud of her!!!

    ❤ her!


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