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There’s Gnome place like home

So IDK where the past 2 weeks have gone, I should maybe drink less. Probably. Not.  No in all seriousness I have been focusing on running, working, family, and bf since I returned from SC to try to make up for lost time.  5 days gone and I need 2 weeks to get caught up enough to have a morning to myself? Yeah sounds about right.  Also I’m sick so I left bootcamp early and am taking the day off from exercising.  It’s k-razzy (said like Tom from Parks and Rec) how much more time I have in the morning when I don’t work out.  Not only do I get 2 hours back, but I get another 30 minutes bc now I don’t have to shower.  😉  Anyways……Here’s a little wrap up of my trip in pics. Mostly.

So obviously a fantastic time was had! 🙂  Here’s the thing though.  I was an inner stress mess before my trip because I was worried I would get to Cola and see my family, friends, and old stomping grounds and regret my decision to move to Texas.  That didn’t happen though.  As I caught up with my friends I found myself glowing as I talked about my Texas, my job, my new friends, Kris, Penny, yada yada yada… I actually had to hold in some of the chatter to listen to my friends talk about their new jobs.  I knew I was happy in Texas, but I don’t think I realized until I was back in SC talking about it, that it sunk in just HOW happy I am and how much I have changed.  Side note: I got a Cosmo for the plane ride and one of the articles was about how doing something new and adventurous by oneself can create happiness. So true Cosmo!!!  I agree so much that I’ll let the sex tip involving the skateboard slide…  It really felt good to see all my friends, let my hair down a little, and be 22 and a mess for 5 days, but I definitely welcomed my return to Tx.  I missed my family, Penny, my residents, Kris, bootcamp, and running around the lakes.  It feels awesome knowing that while I am growing changing, some things will always be the same.

PS I really loved being able to scream, “Gooooo Cocks!!!!” without getting strange looks. I’m so mature I know. 😉


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