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Real quick 10 things Friday bc I’m running late late late for a froyo date!!!

  1. Fro-yo date in 10 minutes with my boo (he’s awesome right?)
  2. I had a fantastic time with some friends last night drinking and dancing still in my work scrubs (I’m bringing sexy back)
  3. I applied for an apartment!!!
  4. Fall festival is tomorrow!
  5. Last weekend I got in lots of family time with my aunt, uncle, and cousins! (even though I live with them I never see them)
  6. New banana bread recipe I created! It’s nom nom nom!!!

    Yes I had a ginormous piece before I took a pic. I'm inpatient when it comes to warm fresh baked banana bread!

  7. Vanilla Nut Coffee from DD! (I’m still making it iced though bc it’s hot here)
  8. Favorite nurse  is coming back to the same shift as me!
  9. My baby brother is finally 21!!!

    Happy Birthday Josh!!!

  10. Orange toe nail polish! I feel so festive and fall-like even though its’s 85 degrees right now (but hey that’s something else to be happy about right? 😉 )

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