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I had another AMAZING weekend.  This weekend was full of fun activities like attending 2 festivals and exploring The Non-general General Store. My work had a fall festival for the residents and to raise money for the activities department.  It was wonderful to see my resident’s getting outside and having some fun. 🙂  Of course I enjoyed a cupcake or 2 and got my face painted 😉  You’re never too old for sweets and butterflies.  

The Non-General General Store was so neat! I think Kris and I spent over an hour exploring and snapping pics and we easily could have spent longer.  It’s completely off the grid and has everything from a greenhouse to butterfly wings to windchimes and handsewn scarves.  We will definitely be visiting there again!I also managed to squeeze in my long run and kick off my new training program! I finally let Kris convince me to let him create a training program for me.  I held off for the longest time, worried that if I committed to a training program that I would enjoy my runs less because then I would feel like I had to run.  I also was worried about the mandatory rest days.  No worries about rest days after my 10 mile run at at 8 min pace.  My legs were feeling it.  Then I got food poisoning and couldn’t have run anyway :p  Yesterday sucked majorly.  I had to take off from work and spent the entire day curled up on the couch sleeping.  I feel much better today and was able to get my short 5 mile run in, but my pace was slow and my body felt exhausted not refreshed in the least from my day of hibernating.  My lack of energy is most likely from my lack of eating the past few days, but I just can’t seem to get my appetite back.  Just the thought of food makes my stomach churn.  Hopefully this won’t last too long.

Now it’s time for me to kick off my work week. (A day late yikes!)  Going to be a busy week.  New post to come on Friday. Probably.


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