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Friday already?

Wow this week has flown by! I guess taking 2 sick days will do that.  Truth be told I love my job and would much rather go to work then lie on the couch all day clutching my stomach or icing my eye (which by the way feels better but is still red and swollen, it kind of looks like I got hit in the eye) Awesome. Not.    I am going to work today so hopefully my eye cooperates and doesn’t decide to go crazy and start tearing and stinging since I won’t be able to take a pain pill at work.  Anyways…I’m really looking forward to this weekend and feeling back to normal. I really dislike feeling off my routine so I’m glad tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be able to hit reset and get back to the swing of things.  Exciting stuff this weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to go visit my Granny (today is her birthday!)  and last night I baked her a chocolate pumpkin cake topped with pumpkin cheesecake.  I went healthy with it, fingers crossed it’s tasty. It looks really ugly.  I need to work on my presentation with food.  Another time though when I can see out of both eyes. Maybe.  Ok got to call my Granny to wish her a happy birthday but 1st my 10 things that made me happy this week Friday list!

  1. The discovery of piniterest! O.M.G. I’m addicted!
  2. It’s chilly outside and really feels like fall!
  3. Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cake, pumpkin mac and cheese…mmmmm
  4. I did my interval workout finally! (Adapted,but done!)
  5. I still have health insurance through my mom!
  6. Getting in my car and seeing that Kris put air in the tire for me. (He’s pretty wonderful)
  7. Seeing my cousins every morning.
  8. New songs on my Ipod!
  9. The cold tissues (I’m fascinated! They really are cold!)
  10. Finding the perfect card for my Granny! (Hope she loves it and doesn’t hit me when she reads it 😉 )

Happy Birthday Granny!!!!


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