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So yesterday was a rough day for me.  I went to League City to visit my grandparents.  The cake I made turned out to be delicious and Granny loved her presents!  Old photo albums were dug out, which is always fun.  I even got in a much needed nap in my favorite spot.  I got really sad and upset though when I started seeing everyone’s Halloween pics up on FB.  I love Halloween and getting dressed up but this year I had no plans, no costume, and no friends to do anything with. I know I have friends here in Texas, but they aren’t like my friends in SC. It’s not guaranteed that certain events will be celebrated with them.  In SC I always knew I had something to do for St. Pat’s, Halloween, New Year’s, ect. and who I would be hanging out with.  Here…not so much.  SO I was really bummed and had a little pity party for myself for about an hour, then went out with Kris and had an attitude adjustment over a tower of sangria and chocolate cake.  Today I feel 100 times better, I just wanted to share that it’s “not always rainbows and butterflies” here, and that I have struggles.  I don’t open up about them very much, but here you have it.  Now I’m off to eat my weight in candy going for a run.


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