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Last week flew by and then this week felt like it was crawling to Friday.  It wasn’t a bad week or anything, it was actually a fun and productive week for me.  It felt good to get back into my routine.  Here’s a quick recap, because I really want to get to last night’s shift but since I haven’t blogged all week I feel the need to catch up.

Monday-Eye doc app. My eye is 95% healed, 3 more days of glasses.  I got a text from a friend while I was at work asking what my plans were for Halloween.  As y’all know I didn’t have any (Wahh) well neither did he so we decided to go out together for a drink because it was Halloween damnit.  So we did and ran into some other friends and had a great night.

Tuesday- Back at Bootcamp for the first time in 2 weeks!  It felt good to get owned by push ups and sprints.  A nap also occurred because a girl cannot go to work on 3 hrs of sleep.  4 yes, 3 no.  Also lunch was a date with Kris at Mooyah burger,which is next to TuttiFrutti-I actually did not eat froyo for lunch though, I ate it for desert after my veggie iceburger 😉

Wednesday- I had to go to Discount Tire because I ran over a nail.  I then had to buy a new tire because the nail was in the curve of the tire.  1/4th inch over and it would have been $5 instead of $30.  I was able to still save money because they had a used tire that fit my car.  $30 is a heck of a lot better then $100.  So my life is made of win,partially.

Really?!? Grrrr!

Thursday- I finally got a really good run in after what felt like forever.  I planned on starting around 5:15, I didn’t actually start until almost 6:30 due to technical difficulties with my new Nike + sensor. I know I could have just run without it, but I’m stubborn and really wanted to track my mileage and know my pace.  In case your curious I ran intervals but in the end I did 8.12 miles with an average pace of 7:59.  That’s right, sub 8 minute miles baby!!!  Then I sucked it up and went car shopping.  Which I loathe.  Or I thought I did.  It actually ended up being fun.  Also I thought I wanted a Mazda 6, but then I drive a Sonata.  Oh man.  I was so pissed at Kris, because he was gloating that I liked another car and changed my mind about the Mazda 6.  I hate when he is right. But now I am very excited about getting my car tomorrow!!!

7:59 min/mi. holla!!!

Ok last night’s shift really deserves it’s own post.  So actually that is what is going to happen.  10 things that made me happy this week is also getting it’s on post as well.  I’m a terrible blogger.  I’m glad no one is actually reading any of this.


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