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I wish…

Since today is 11/11/11 I’m supposed to have all of my wishes come true. Right?  Actually to be completely honest I quit playing the 11:11 wish game in high school after my former best friend and I would play it all the time (even calling each other on our home phones(remember those days?) ) and then I found out she not only was wishing for the same boy to like her as I was, but that they had kissed.  Her first kiss.  I didn’t get my first kiss for 2?3? more years.  So after that I was a little pissy with 11:11.  If I believed it and could have my wishes granted I would wish:

  • For my resident to get better (see separate blog)
  • For my parents to be happy
  • For my brothers to be successful
  • For my family and friends to be healthy
  • For Penny to be forever a youthful dog
  • For a free unlimited supply of froyo (see I’m not completely selfless in my wishes)
  • For the ability to always know the right words to say
What would you wish for?
Magic wish day or not I’m still a happy girl who is thankful for soo much in my life.  Here’s my 10 for the week!
1. These chocolate pancakes that I made for breakfast to cheer me up.

Best part? Totally healthy!

 2. Fall(ish) weather! I actually needed a sweater!

3. A visit with my family and friends to The Sweet Tooth Shop

Penguin shaped gummies! Almost too cute to eat..almost

4. My half marathon is in 2 days!! Eeek!!!

5.  Partying an extra hour thanks to daylight savings! (I actually made it!)

It was a bit of a struggle, but I'm a trooper and pepped back up enough to take a tequila shot 😉

6. Working the morning shift Wednesday which meant I got to go to the Beer Run!!!

7.  My mom went to DC to represent mom’s in SC.  Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal…

8.  Having a resident’s family member bring me a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Mmmmm

9. My brother placed 5th in his wrestling tournament last weekend! Total beast!

10. I bought my first car!!!!!!!!!!!

Now she just needs a name...


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