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Highs, Lows, and Oh Nos!

Anybody ever played that ice breaker where you go around the group and share 1 highlight of your week, 1 low point of your week, and 1 dumb thing you did that week?  I used to used it at my hall gatherings when I was a Resident Mentor at The University of South Carolina.  It’s much better then 2 truths and a lie.  I hate that game!!!  Sry, I’m off topic.  Way off topic because I am not even going to play that game with you.  It’s Friday which means 10 happy things!!! No lows or oh nos on this blog post today!

10 things that made me 😀 this week:

  1. Running my half marathon in 1:47:34!!!!

    Rock and Roll!!!

  2. Working morning shift Wednesday,which meant Beer Run! (2 weeks in a row!What? My life is awesome!)
  3. State inspection is over! Amen!
  4. I am now orienting a new nurse.  Yeah I’m kind of a big deal at work now not the newest nurse. 😉
  5. I baked some amazing pumpkin bread!  Made with all whole foods.smothered in PB and sprinkled with cinnamon
  6. I broke my whole foods eating streak with this pie.  Totally worth it.

    Chocolate silk pie with cool whip on the side for eating by itself. Stop judging me!!!

  7. Yogi tea warms my heart.

    "Work, but don't forget to live." I needed that pick me up at work.

  8. My resident who fell is back and okay!
  9. Sleeping in till 8 twice this week!
  10. Planning my next half marathon with Kris! I’ve been totally bitten by the half marathon bug!

    No I totally did not rip off any of these official pics...ssshhh


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