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Pain now…w(h)ine later

I cannot believe I ran 13.1 miles last Sunday in…wait for it….1:47:34!  My original goal was under 2 hours, then Kris pushed me for 1:50, which almost caused me to have a panic attack the week before.  I got so stressed by a time that I thought was unrealistic that I stopped enjoying running completely.  Then 2 days before the race I decided that it would not matter if I ran my half marathon in 2 hours or 4 hours (small lie, I would not have been ok with much more than 2:10)  but by releasing myself of the burden of having to keep a certain pace, I found myself once again looking forward to the race.  I told myself instead of thinking about running 13.1 miles, think of it as a 2 hour jog.  This helped me find my calm and run on.  1 hour and 47minutes is still a long time, luckily I had lots to keep my mind occupied. Here is my inner thoughts via italics, kind of like my first blog post where I recapped getting lost running around a duck pond.

No, don’t even think about looking at your watch to see your start time. Just go.

Ipod set to my Rock and Roll Playlist. I’m sooo glad Kris found my Ipod.  I could not have run this without it.  

Oh crap, Is that my corral group? Yup augh I’m already confused!

Ok stay calm and run, don’t go to fast, you have 13 miles to go. Pace yourself.

First shirt I read: “Start slow, then taper” HA!

Wow I actually feel really good.  My legs feel awesome, my breathing is good, and I feel like I could run forever.

Now I have no idea what my pace is but I feel like it is pretty decent and I am staring straight ahead and down to avoid seeing the mile markers.  I figure I have gone about 4-4.5 miles when…I go through the 5k area.  There is no ignoring this.

Crap!!! Really?!?  All this blissful ignorance and now I’m forced to know that I have only run 3.2 miles. Grrrr….aww well the crowd is pretty awesome.  I love how they are cheering.  I feel like a celebrity runner or something.

Now I am enjoying my awesome playlist and the crowds I begin to read signs.  Some of my favs:

  • Run like a Kenyan
  • World’s Worst parade
  • Making this sign was hard too
  • Hurry up _____! We’re ready to drink! (This ppl were sitting on a cooler)
  • You’re sexy and you know it!
  • Your feet are hurting because you’re kicking so much ass!
  • Take a cab. It’s faster.
  • Don’t stop. People are watching.

I also really loved the sweet ones like, “You are my hero!”  “We believe in you!” Ect.

This is so much fun.  I cannot believe that I am running 13.1 miles like it’s no big deal.  2 years ago I could not have run 1 mile.  3 years ago I would never have woken up at 5am to run 8 miles before work.  

Is it raining? There are rain drops on the ground, but I don’t feel any rain…

Omg it’s not rain drops, it’s sweat drops. Ewwww

That dude is barefoot running, as in running without any shoes on. The bottom of his feet are completely black.  Ewww why?!?

Just keep running. Just keep running.

The crowd is cheering (just for me)

I no longer feel fast, it’s starting to get hard. Mile 7.

Endorphins=runner high.  My head is buzzing, my body feels tingly.  It’s a dizzy, pleasurable feeling.

I’m so thirsty.  I’m going to try to get water at the next station without stopping.

I tried to drink my cup of water and ended up splashing it in my eye and got none in my mouth.  Fail.

10 miles!  I am so ready for this to be over.  Don’t slow down.  The faster you run, the faster you are done.

11 miles, 2 to go!oh y…omg there are runners peeing on the side of that building!  Really guys?  Ya’ll can’t hold it for 2 more miles?

1 mile left and my legs hurt, my feet are throbbing, and my knees are achy.  I want to walk, but I did not run 12 miles to walk the last one.  

Last quarter mile.  The finish is right…after this hill!  WTF who puts a hill at the end of a half marathon?  An asshole that’s who.

Pissed I sprint up this hill, past the defeated and disheartened runners half jogging/half walking up this long hill.

Victory! Smile for the camera, even though I know I have no mascara on the eye I drowned in water, and am a shweaty mess.

I did it!!!!!

I'm a dork 🙂

After the finish line they have photographers to take your official post race pic in all of your glamorous sweaty and nasty glory.  Here’s mine.

Check out my sweet medal! Winning!

Then I proceeded to look for Kris for almost an hour.  It was crazyness!  Finally we found each other and went and had a fabulous lunch on the Riverwalk.  Where I dominated a bottle of wine, you know to ease my muscle pains.

...and 3 glasses later I forgot my awesome headband. My life is made of fail.

My Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio was a wonderful experience!  I had a great time with Kris.  We had fun road stops, and adventures trying to find someplace I could eat Saturday night.  He was so supportive, and handled my anxiety extremely well.  He even went on a wild goose-chase for my Ipod that I thought I left at the hotel but was actually in my purse (My purse eats things I swear!) and didn’t even show the least bit of irritation about it at all.  My boo is an amazing travel buddy.  I could have gone by myself but it just wouldn’t have been as fun and I know without Kris pushing me I never would have run my first half in less then 1:50.

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