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me at my best: wild and free

Yup I’m single again.  Just typing that brings a smile to my face.  I absolutely love being single, maybe for the same reason New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday…it’s the excitement of possibilities and a new start.  Kris is a wonderful guy and my best friend, but I was beginning to feel smothered.  I felt like we were in a routine and there was nothing new to look forward to.  I am 22 and have no plans on getting married or settling down ever anytime soon. I am just starting my life and I want complete independence.  I want to come home to an empty house after work to spend hours on piniterest or wake up at 5 to go run then nap till I have to go to work.  I like being able to make plans on a whim and not have to take someone else’s schedule into consideration.  I want to flirt.  I want to date different types of guys.  I want hilariously awkward first dates and 1,000 more first kisses that come with butterflies.  I see my friends getting married already and I wince.  Sure I love FB stalking wedding photos, but I also like watching Cake Boss but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go dive head first into Red Velvet.  Maybe I’m crazy and making yet another huge mistake and destining myself for a life of loneliness but somehow I doubt it.  I know I have dated and broken up with some amazing guys, but so far no regrets.  I believe that being single is a personal lifestyle choice- it’s saying “I choose my own happiness over someone else’s”.  Selfish stuff I know, but before you think that I am completely opposed to love and marriage know that I am not.  I’m just saying that I think it is more important to build oneself up and make your life whole all by yourself.  I scoff at the whole notion of couples who “complete each other” . Why would you want to be with someone who needs you?  More importantly, why would anyone want to be with someone who isn’t complete all by themselves?  I’m not looking for vanilla ice cream, I want an entire sundae with chocolate, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries…and I know right now I’m not complete. Not yet.  Sure I’m good, pleasant, nutty, sweet, bright, modest 😉 but I am missing toppings…they will come one by one as I discover who I am.


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