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You wanna be like me?!?

I am really surprised by how many FB messages I have been getting with people asking me about my running.  Ever since I started linking my Nike + runs to FB I have been having people ask me about my running, telling me I motivate them, and asking how they can get into running more too.  I am so flattered by these messages.  Some of them come from “friends” that I don’t even know, but today I got one from a girl I have known since elementary school.  A girl who was always super popular and who I admired so I was flabbergasted when I saw that she had messaged me asking me about running advice.  Whodathunkit? Certainly not me.  I didn’t think anyone even paid attention to my little Nike + running stats.  I have to admit the feedback I’m getting from them makes me feel motivated, like I have to run now because people are looking to me for motivation and running advice. In case you’re wondering here is what my advice is for beginner runners.

  • Sign up for a local 5k.  If you have a race you have paid for and a date set, you will run even on days you don’t feel like it.  Trust me.
  • On days you absolutely do not feel like running, make yourself get outside to run for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you still aren’t feeling it, okay take the day off, but I bet you’ll find yourself more times then not going longer.
  • Get outside and run! Running on treadmills is not as fun, plus you get sidetracked with the stats.  I know you stare at the time,calories burned, how fast your running.  Step away from the treadmill and all that.  It doesn’t matter.  As longer as you are moving and your heart is pumping you are making yourself healthier.
  • Have good songs on your Ipod for running and update your playlists when you start to lose motivation.  I know I get giddy about a run when I make a new playlist.
  • Plan your runs and decide the night before that you are going to run.
  • Have distance days and tell yourself that it is ok to go as slow as you want as long as you do ___ amount of miles or run for ___ amount of time without stopping.
  • Have speed days where you run as hard as you can for 30 seconds followed by 1-2 minuted recovery.  If you are brand new you can alternate running and walking.
  • Have fun running.  I dance and sing, think about my day, make lists in my head, and notice my surroundings on my runs.  Running is my therapy.

Now that it is finally Friday (did this week feel extra long to anyone else?!?) Here are 10 things that rocked my socks this week. (I’m feeling goofy today, can you tell?) 😉

New kicks! Ok they are the same as my last 2 pairs, but purple instead of blue and not blood stained or holey 😉

New breakfast: oat bran, Greek yogurt, pumpkin, dark cocoa powder, and cinnamon. Not pretty but delicious!

My aunt set up my cousins "elves on shelves" having a tea party with shot glasses as their cups. ❤ my aunt

Mocha mint iced coffee. Penny wanted a lick. No caffeine for this crazy girl though!

Early Christmas present for myself. It will be so perfect in my wine themed kitchen!

I registered for my 2nd half marathon! Augh!!!

Mickey antenna ball gift from my aunt... car doesn't have an antenna but I still love it and I love that my family is back from Disneyland. I missssed them!

The Christmas tree is up!!!

I saw Cinderella's carriage on my way to work! Totally random, but it made me smile.

And lastly no picture to accompany this last item on my list, but I just have to say that I love my job so so much! My residents and coworkers make me so happy.  I always look forward to going to work.



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