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I do what I want

I do what I want

It’s true.  Like yesterday I ate gingerbread fro yo for lunch.  I also ate a cookie while grocery shopping, I’m pretty sure 22 still qualifies me as a kid, and even if it doesn’t, there is no sign at HEB that says those cookies are for kids, like the sugar cookies at Harris Teeter do.  Who puts an age limit on a free cookie anyway?  I always take one at Harris Teeter even when I’m not even hungry because I like to live dangerously.  Also after I ate my cookie I went home and made peppermint bark and ate that.  I think I had a salad for dinner yesterday…work gets fuzzy when you’re in a post sugar coma.  Then tonight I came straight home instead of going to the gym like I had planned to because I didn’t feel like going to the gym.  Then I ate 3 high fiber bagels smeared with cheesecake spread.  Oomph.  My tummy kind of hurt afterwards. Like a lot.  Then I showered and went to bed.  Well I tried to, but I could not sleep.  After a few hours I gave up and put on my gym stuff and went to the gym and did a workout I found on pinterest, that I adapted of course because I do what I want.  Then I did some cardio and weights, then other people started showing up to the gym so I left.  Now I’m home blogging at 5am and my tummy is making funny noises.  Not hungry noises.  “I hate you for eating 30 grams of fiber in one sitting then working out” noises.  TMI? Sry.  But really who does that? Not me, anymore.  Especially since I’m out of the bagels.  Speaking of the question, who does that?  As I am getting my fitness on in the dark group exercise room at 2:30am, some guy comes in and tells me that he has been watching me work out and that I’m a beast with the ab work.  Really??? Come on dude! I’m freaking working out in the middle of the night in an empty room with the light off, do you really think I wanted you to come interrupt me to let me know that you’ve been creeping? Like am I supposed to be flattered? Rude.

High fiber bagel that I enjoyed for breakfast and loved so much I ate it 3 more times when I got home.

My workout that I adapted slightly. My ADD couldn't handle doing the same exact things so many times.

I'm a tool. In a dark room. About to do a sh*t ton of jumping jacks.

These birds swarm my car every single night at the gym. Katy totally needs more stray cats roaming around.

Aaaand now I’m going to bed and not showering because I’m finally sleepy.  Yes I’m gross, but whatevs I do what I want.  Goodnight or good morning. I don’t know the appropriate ending to this.  I’m very sorry if you read all the way through this and now you’re confused.  Me too.


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