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Out of the hole

Confession.  Sometimes I like to be by myself so much that I stop spending time with others.  Like the previous week after breaking up with Kris.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Catching up on sleep, reading blogs, random midnight  2:30 am workouts, not shaving my legs,  leaving my phone behind…it has been wonderful but also a little lonely.  So last Saturday I climbed out of my rabbit hole of loneliness and went out with some girlfriends. Then Sunday I went on 2 dates.  I didn’t mean to…I didn’t know the first one was a date until we went to breakfast in Houston after our run and he talked about all the other places he wanted to take me.  Awkward.  The second date was a planned date and a lot of fun, just like a first date should be.  I also spent a little quality time with my aunt.  I even braved the beer runner group Wed night and saw Kris and a few others.  That was a tough one.  I was unsure if I would still be welcome in the group since breaking up with Kris but even though it was a little awkward between Kris and me, everyone else was so welcoming! I truly felt that my presence had been missed in the group.  🙂  I also received an invite to a tacky sweater Christmas party! I’m going tomorrow night!  I cannot wait!!!  I just need to scout out a ridiculously awesome tacky sweater.  Maybe I’ll raid my Granny’s closet…  Off to the store before work because I need to get a few secret supplies before work today.  Don’t worry I’ll catch you up later!  Real kwik before I go:

My Weekly Friday List of Happiness

My aunt ordered me a stocking to hang with the rest of the family's. Her thoughtfulness warms my heart.

Starbucks Christmas blend coffee. It warms my belly 😉

Sock bun=new obsession! I had awesome loose curls when I took it down later!

Total body circuit! Fun and effective! Seriously I can't touch my toes today bc my hamstrings are sooo tight!

Soft baked healthy sugar cookies. I adapted the recipe from CCK. She says the recipe makes 40 cal cookies if you make 23. Umm surely that's a typo because with the amount of dough I had I was able to make 5 cookies of the size in that pic...they were delicious and ready in 15 minutes though.

Hot and savory brunch. I tried to recreate my favorite item from DiPratos in SC. Not too shabby 😉

Mashed butternut squash...OMG I know it looks glow in the dark yellow and will probably make me orange from the beta carotene but it is so so good! You need to try it. Like now. Seriously.

Girls night!!!

This song came on the radio. You KNOW I was dancing 😉

I made homemade peppermint bark! Tomorrow I am going to teach my Granny how and we are going to do some serious Christmas baking!


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