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I am just sooo excited!

My mommy and brothers will be in Louisiana in 2 days!!! I 2 days I get to see them and my Nanny Sally! I am so excited!!!  I have really been missing my mom lately.  Sometimes when I have a bad day or a great day all I want is a hug from my mom. I’ll have to be sure to stock up while she’s here 😉  I’m also so excited to see my brothers!  Everytime I see Cameron I can’t believe how big he is getting, he makes me feel old.  Seriously when did he stop wearing only stretchy pants and where did that sarcastic mouth come from?  Ugh he is such a preteen now!  And of course I’m thrilled to pieces to get to spend some time with Josh now that we don’t try to kill each other every second we’re together.  He is actually a pretty cool guy and now that he is 21 we should have some good times while he’s here.  K so I know this is cheating bc it’s Thursday night, but since it’s after midnight technically it’s Friday so I’m going to throw up my 10 things of bliss Friday list now because I have to do all of my Christmas shopping tomorrow before work! Augh! I’m such a slacker!!!

10 things that make my life “Winning!” 🙂


I bought this at Ross (random huh?) and Oh My Gosh it is delicious! Vanilla Macadamia Nut Syrup. Tastes.Like.A.Cookie


Baked butternut squash+turkey chili+high protein nacho cheese chips=the best "not" frito salad. Seriously it was so warm and filling. I ate it for dinner 3 days in a row.


Hand and body lotion from Brazil! A gift from a frequent volunteer at work. Just for me because I'm that special 😉


Remember my "secret project"? This is part of it. One of my residents has been feeling depressed about the holidays so to cheer her up I've been decorating her room. I got a smile out of her with these lights. I swear my heart grew 3 sizes to see the look in her eyes when she saw the lights.

5. Tacky Sweater Party!!!!!!!!

Check out those ice skating penguins!


Karaoke! Look familiar? So typical of me!


Kemah boat parade!

6. Baking with my Granny!!!

Learning to make fudge. I might slow down on the stuff now that I know the ingredients. Butter, sugar, chocolate, marshmallow fluff...uhh you mean fudge isn't made with spinach and nonfat yogurt? What?!?

Getting fudgy! Mmmmm

Chocolate chip cookies, recipe came from the back of the butter package. Nuff said... 😉

Everything:my healthy gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, pecan fudge, and chocolate cookies!


Oh yes it was 82 degrees outside today! Glorious!


Ice cream that is only 150 calories a pint?!? Sign me up!


I may or may not have gone on a 2nd date to Dave and Busters where I kicked some booty in bowling 😉

10. Have I mentioned in 2 day I get to see these awesome people???


My Nanny and Mommy

The goober!


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