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(Not) Sexy and I know it

Last Saturday I went out with my mom and aunt (coolest people I know)  to my favorite local pub to see a band that I love and have a few too many drinks. One of my girlfriends, who also loves this band, met us there.  After a few too many drinks we started to get our dance on.  We were the only ones dancing.  This is not unusual for us.  I had actually met the drummer the last time his band played there and in between sets we would chat. Towards the end of the night he whispers in my ear,”I’m sorry, but I have to ask, it’s been driving me crazy all night. Are you wearing thigh highs?”   My reply:”What? No, these go all the way up past my belly button. They just look like thigh highs because the have a support top.”  Then I walked away and resumed dancing.  He hasn’t called me. Weird right?



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