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2012 starts with a bang

That title could mean several things and possibly I mean them all, but I’ll never tell. 😉

Soooooo.  My New Years weekend was fabulous! Except for the part where I got too drunk double fisting drinks to hold onto my camera .  My camera which has like a billion pics of my hotel room, the hotel gym, the drummer (from the previous post), my toes, and oh yeah. pics of me in lingerie.  I took at least 10 of me in my hotel room, so that hopefully I would have 1 really good one to choose for FB and the blog, and I wanted to see which angle made my boobs look best.  Don’t pretend like you’ve never done that.  So someone now has a camera full of pics of me in my skivvies in which I am trying to make my boobs stick out.  Winning.  I’m bummed too because I was counting on using my pics to put together those fuzzy pieces of the night.  Oh well.  Now I can just say I behaved, since there is no proof I did otherwise 😉  This weekend really was awesome though. Saturday I got a pedi with my aunt before heading to Houston to check into my sweet hotel room.  I made my plans at the last possible second (Friday morning) so all the reasonable hotel rooms were booked. All that was left was a ridiculously expensive corner suite.  I was ::this:: close to not going to downtown Houston for NYE, but then I decided to “go big or go home”  and this girl was not about to sit at home on NYE.  In addition to my hotel room I also bought a ticket to the Black tie, Lingerie, Toga bash.  My friend Mare was kind enough to invite me to crash join her and her date.  I had a blast with Mare and her date.  We drank, danced, and toasted the night away.  And yes I did get a midnight kiss.  I know you were just dying to know. ;*  Today I lounged on the couch, iced my head, (there was a minor incident with a pole last night) and sipped orange creamsicle mimosas with my aunt until it was time for our 1 hour foot massage.  Which was glorious!!!  2012 you are off to a very good start indeed.

Here is a few pics from the weekend thanks to my Iphone.

Now I’ll just have to pick up double shifts for the rest of 2012 to pay for my extravagant weekend.  Totally worth it.


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