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MIA (moved into apartment)

I meant to update my blog last weekend but life got in the way. Moving is time consuming. Also I don’t have internet at my apartment so I have to find free wi-fi (hello Starbucks) in order to do anything with the blog and last weekend I actually made it to Starbucks with my laptop  and every single outlet was taken  and my computer died after 15 minutes.  And then I went to another Starbucks and wordpress wouldn’t upload my pics.  Very frustrating to say the least.  But finally I’m back in business and I promise to not stay away for so long.

Anyway back to my move! I have been in my first apartment for 2 weeks now and it is wonderful!  If I give you some sneak peaks and update you with lots of pictures will you forgive me for being a bad blogger?

one side completed

cookbooks and coffee pot

entire kitchen view

mixed matched dishes. No I didn't stop here. I ordered more online. Make me stop!

The start of decorating my bathroom

This sofa chair was love at first sight.

Needs a little work but you see the potential right?

Just needs some more decorative pillows...

Pile of unhung signs and wall art. Anyone have a hammer and nails? My attempt to use command strips ended in failure and cursing.

My place is still a total work in progress as you can see.  I haven’t gotten any of my wall art or photo frames hung yet and I still have two beds in my bedroom (umm Unkie you want to come pick up the old bed soon?) but my apartment is coming together nicely.  Funny story.  When I was buying my bed frame at Gallery Furniture I was pick pocketed by a monkey.  Seriously.  This store has monkeys in it (they also have people walking around handing out ice cream sandwiches) and of course I wanted to pet one of the monkeys.  So I walked over to where a man was letting holding one of the monkeys and I reached out to pet it and the next thing I knew the monkey was climbing on me.  I almost peed myself.  Then in front of the crowd that was gathered around the monkeys this little monkey reached in my purse and pulled out a tampon.  I snatched it back from its waving hands and then before I could blink it had reached back into my purse from the other side and pulled out a small plastic cup (it was a sample cup that I tossed in there after not seeing a trashcan anywhere.  Yes my purse sometimes doubles as a dumping bag for trash)  I let it keep the cup and practically ran away.  Needless to say pet monkey if definitely off my list.

Tampon thieving monkey

 Of course I have been doing tons of cooking and baking.  I think having my own kitchen is my absolute favorite part of having my own apartment.

Very first meal

flippin quesadilla

my everyday breakfast

salmon burger > well any other kind of burger

comfort food in a bowl

First attempt at crockpot chicken. Note to self: don't start at night because then you will wake up at 3 am to the smell of delicious chicken and want to eat your hand off.

Friday night dinner. This counts as balance if I've been eating lots of veggies with my other meals right? 😉

Crackled sugar cookies that I baked for my family.

Anyone want to come over for dinner this week?

While I am loving having lots of “me time” I have been making sure to get out of my apartment to have some fun with friends.


Beer tasting at a local brewery.

Yes I go out in my scrubs. I'm cool like that.

Baker St Sunday Funday

That almost catches you up.  Before you go though I did manage to get one sign hung up.


Yes I used a thumbtack to hang this. Somethings never change.


Talk to you again soon!  I promise.



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