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Sorry I completely left you hanging a few months ago… Life just kind of got crazy and I let the blog fall a little to the wayside.  Let me catch you up the best I can.

So… that work thing.  Yeah. I couldn’t quit.  I would go home every day crying my eyes out-being so heart broken I just knew that it would be a mistake to quit.  So I’m still at CI.  And things are pretty wonderful.  My patients are thriving for the most part and I am working 6-2 now! Woo hoo!  Also now I am more comfortable letting them see some of my spunk and personality.

The reactions I got from my patients were totally worth sacrificing my dignity and having a sweaty upper lip.

I have also aged another year.  I’m 23 now. Oomph. I kinda hate it.

I have a new roommate.  He is a talker, takes up way too much room on the bed, and judges me when I come home drunk.


I ran a 3rd half marathon.

yes that is a beer in my hand. breakfast of those who enjoy puking by 10am.

I did a MudderDash.

I was 3rd in my heat!

I have been to SC two more times.  I’m actually at the Charlotte airport now waiting for my delayed flight.  Good times.  The last time I was there it was St Pats and this time was just a random weekend.  Fun times though.

I have no shame

So typical. I love it.

My baby brother and me. He is finally old enough to buy his own beer…still young enough to buy Natty. Sigh.

I started a 2nd job. I now am a weekend nurse supervisor.  It’s wonderful, but after working 19 straight days I was starting to feel slightly bat shit cray cray.

It’s hard work to look this fab.

I did an online dating thing for a few weeks.  The result?  A few dates with some really nice guys.  But no keepers.  I didn’t really pursue any of them because……… I met someone.  Someone I am absolutely crazy about.  He gives me butterflies.  I’ll tell you our story later 😉 But here is 1 pic.

I just met him and this is crazy…but it just feels right.

So with all this that i have had going on. I hope that I am forgiven for just dropping off the face of the internet world.  Be back soon.


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