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It’s a wonderful life














This Christmas I don’t need a thing.  My heart is full of love.  And all you need is love. Oh yes. I am blessed.

Merry Christmas Eve ❤


I am just sooo excited!

My mommy and brothers will be in Louisiana in 2 days!!! I 2 days I get to see them and my Nanny Sally! I am so excited!!!  I have really been missing my mom lately.  Sometimes when I have a bad day or a great day all I want is a hug from my mom. I’ll have to be sure to stock up while she’s here 😉  I’m also so excited to see my brothers!  Everytime I see Cameron I can’t believe how big he is getting, he makes me feel old.  Seriously when did he stop wearing only stretchy pants and where did that sarcastic mouth come from?  Ugh he is such a preteen now!  And of course I’m thrilled to pieces to get to spend some time with Josh now that we don’t try to kill each other every second we’re together.  He is actually a pretty cool guy and now that he is 21 we should have some good times while he’s here.  K so I know this is cheating bc it’s Thursday night, but since it’s after midnight technically it’s Friday so I’m going to throw up my 10 things of bliss Friday list now because I have to do all of my Christmas shopping tomorrow before work! Augh! I’m such a slacker!!!

10 things that make my life “Winning!” 🙂


I bought this at Ross (random huh?) and Oh My Gosh it is delicious! Vanilla Macadamia Nut Syrup. Tastes.Like.A.Cookie


Baked butternut squash+turkey chili+high protein nacho cheese chips=the best "not" frito salad. Seriously it was so warm and filling. I ate it for dinner 3 days in a row.


Hand and body lotion from Brazil! A gift from a frequent volunteer at work. Just for me because I'm that special 😉


Remember my "secret project"? This is part of it. One of my residents has been feeling depressed about the holidays so to cheer her up I've been decorating her room. I got a smile out of her with these lights. I swear my heart grew 3 sizes to see the look in her eyes when she saw the lights.

5. Tacky Sweater Party!!!!!!!!

Check out those ice skating penguins!


Karaoke! Look familiar? So typical of me!


Kemah boat parade!

6. Baking with my Granny!!!

Learning to make fudge. I might slow down on the stuff now that I know the ingredients. Butter, sugar, chocolate, marshmallow fluff...uhh you mean fudge isn't made with spinach and nonfat yogurt? What?!?

Getting fudgy! Mmmmm

Chocolate chip cookies, recipe came from the back of the butter package. Nuff said... 😉

Everything:my healthy gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, pecan fudge, and chocolate cookies!


Oh yes it was 82 degrees outside today! Glorious!


Ice cream that is only 150 calories a pint?!? Sign me up!


I may or may not have gone on a 2nd date to Dave and Busters where I kicked some booty in bowling 😉

10. Have I mentioned in 2 day I get to see these awesome people???


My Nanny and Mommy

The goober!

Out of the hole

Confession.  Sometimes I like to be by myself so much that I stop spending time with others.  Like the previous week after breaking up with Kris.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Catching up on sleep, reading blogs, random midnight  2:30 am workouts, not shaving my legs,  leaving my phone behind…it has been wonderful but also a little lonely.  So last Saturday I climbed out of my rabbit hole of loneliness and went out with some girlfriends. Then Sunday I went on 2 dates.  I didn’t mean to…I didn’t know the first one was a date until we went to breakfast in Houston after our run and he talked about all the other places he wanted to take me.  Awkward.  The second date was a planned date and a lot of fun, just like a first date should be.  I also spent a little quality time with my aunt.  I even braved the beer runner group Wed night and saw Kris and a few others.  That was a tough one.  I was unsure if I would still be welcome in the group since breaking up with Kris but even though it was a little awkward between Kris and me, everyone else was so welcoming! I truly felt that my presence had been missed in the group.  🙂  I also received an invite to a tacky sweater Christmas party! I’m going tomorrow night!  I cannot wait!!!  I just need to scout out a ridiculously awesome tacky sweater.  Maybe I’ll raid my Granny’s closet…  Off to the store before work because I need to get a few secret supplies before work today.  Don’t worry I’ll catch you up later!  Real kwik before I go:

My Weekly Friday List of Happiness

My aunt ordered me a stocking to hang with the rest of the family's. Her thoughtfulness warms my heart.

Starbucks Christmas blend coffee. It warms my belly 😉

Sock bun=new obsession! I had awesome loose curls when I took it down later!

Total body circuit! Fun and effective! Seriously I can't touch my toes today bc my hamstrings are sooo tight!

Soft baked healthy sugar cookies. I adapted the recipe from CCK. She says the recipe makes 40 cal cookies if you make 23. Umm surely that's a typo because with the amount of dough I had I was able to make 5 cookies of the size in that pic...they were delicious and ready in 15 minutes though.

Hot and savory brunch. I tried to recreate my favorite item from DiPratos in SC. Not too shabby 😉

Mashed butternut squash...OMG I know it looks glow in the dark yellow and will probably make me orange from the beta carotene but it is so so good! You need to try it. Like now. Seriously.

Girls night!!!

This song came on the radio. You KNOW I was dancing 😉

I made homemade peppermint bark! Tomorrow I am going to teach my Granny how and we are going to do some serious Christmas baking!

I do what I want

I do what I want

It’s true.  Like yesterday I ate gingerbread fro yo for lunch.  I also ate a cookie while grocery shopping, I’m pretty sure 22 still qualifies me as a kid, and even if it doesn’t, there is no sign at HEB that says those cookies are for kids, like the sugar cookies at Harris Teeter do.  Who puts an age limit on a free cookie anyway?  I always take one at Harris Teeter even when I’m not even hungry because I like to live dangerously.  Also after I ate my cookie I went home and made peppermint bark and ate that.  I think I had a salad for dinner yesterday…work gets fuzzy when you’re in a post sugar coma.  Then tonight I came straight home instead of going to the gym like I had planned to because I didn’t feel like going to the gym.  Then I ate 3 high fiber bagels smeared with cheesecake spread.  Oomph.  My tummy kind of hurt afterwards. Like a lot.  Then I showered and went to bed.  Well I tried to, but I could not sleep.  After a few hours I gave up and put on my gym stuff and went to the gym and did a workout I found on pinterest, that I adapted of course because I do what I want.  Then I did some cardio and weights, then other people started showing up to the gym so I left.  Now I’m home blogging at 5am and my tummy is making funny noises.  Not hungry noises.  “I hate you for eating 30 grams of fiber in one sitting then working out” noises.  TMI? Sry.  But really who does that? Not me, anymore.  Especially since I’m out of the bagels.  Speaking of the question, who does that?  As I am getting my fitness on in the dark group exercise room at 2:30am, some guy comes in and tells me that he has been watching me work out and that I’m a beast with the ab work.  Really??? Come on dude! I’m freaking working out in the middle of the night in an empty room with the light off, do you really think I wanted you to come interrupt me to let me know that you’ve been creeping? Like am I supposed to be flattered? Rude.

High fiber bagel that I enjoyed for breakfast and loved so much I ate it 3 more times when I got home.

My workout that I adapted slightly. My ADD couldn't handle doing the same exact things so many times.

I'm a tool. In a dark room. About to do a sh*t ton of jumping jacks.

These birds swarm my car every single night at the gym. Katy totally needs more stray cats roaming around.

Aaaand now I’m going to bed and not showering because I’m finally sleepy.  Yes I’m gross, but whatevs I do what I want.  Goodnight or good morning. I don’t know the appropriate ending to this.  I’m very sorry if you read all the way through this and now you’re confused.  Me too.

You wanna be like me?!?

I am really surprised by how many FB messages I have been getting with people asking me about my running.  Ever since I started linking my Nike + runs to FB I have been having people ask me about my running, telling me I motivate them, and asking how they can get into running more too.  I am so flattered by these messages.  Some of them come from “friends” that I don’t even know, but today I got one from a girl I have known since elementary school.  A girl who was always super popular and who I admired so I was flabbergasted when I saw that she had messaged me asking me about running advice.  Whodathunkit? Certainly not me.  I didn’t think anyone even paid attention to my little Nike + running stats.  I have to admit the feedback I’m getting from them makes me feel motivated, like I have to run now because people are looking to me for motivation and running advice. In case you’re wondering here is what my advice is for beginner runners.

  • Sign up for a local 5k.  If you have a race you have paid for and a date set, you will run even on days you don’t feel like it.  Trust me.
  • On days you absolutely do not feel like running, make yourself get outside to run for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you still aren’t feeling it, okay take the day off, but I bet you’ll find yourself more times then not going longer.
  • Get outside and run! Running on treadmills is not as fun, plus you get sidetracked with the stats.  I know you stare at the time,calories burned, how fast your running.  Step away from the treadmill and all that.  It doesn’t matter.  As longer as you are moving and your heart is pumping you are making yourself healthier.
  • Have good songs on your Ipod for running and update your playlists when you start to lose motivation.  I know I get giddy about a run when I make a new playlist.
  • Plan your runs and decide the night before that you are going to run.
  • Have distance days and tell yourself that it is ok to go as slow as you want as long as you do ___ amount of miles or run for ___ amount of time without stopping.
  • Have speed days where you run as hard as you can for 30 seconds followed by 1-2 minuted recovery.  If you are brand new you can alternate running and walking.
  • Have fun running.  I dance and sing, think about my day, make lists in my head, and notice my surroundings on my runs.  Running is my therapy.

Now that it is finally Friday (did this week feel extra long to anyone else?!?) Here are 10 things that rocked my socks this week. (I’m feeling goofy today, can you tell?) 😉

New kicks! Ok they are the same as my last 2 pairs, but purple instead of blue and not blood stained or holey 😉

New breakfast: oat bran, Greek yogurt, pumpkin, dark cocoa powder, and cinnamon. Not pretty but delicious!

My aunt set up my cousins "elves on shelves" having a tea party with shot glasses as their cups. ❤ my aunt

Mocha mint iced coffee. Penny wanted a lick. No caffeine for this crazy girl though!

Early Christmas present for myself. It will be so perfect in my wine themed kitchen!

I registered for my 2nd half marathon! Augh!!!

Mickey antenna ball gift from my aunt... car doesn't have an antenna but I still love it and I love that my family is back from Disneyland. I missssed them!

The Christmas tree is up!!!

I saw Cinderella's carriage on my way to work! Totally random, but it made me smile.

And lastly no picture to accompany this last item on my list, but I just have to say that I love my job so so much! My residents and coworkers make me so happy.  I always look forward to going to work.


Been an angel all year Santa Baby…

Ok…so I having been exactly an angel 😉 but naughty I am not. “So hurry down my chimney tonight!”  I am LOVING all the holiday songs on the radio! Being that it is still reaching the 70s here in Texas, December really has snuck up on me.  I cannot believe tomorrow is December 1st.  Like did November happen?  Wasn’t I just whining about Halloween? oomph.  I’m not complaining at all that it’s December, I’m just caught off guard.  It seems like the previous years I had more notice in the form of exams, winter formals, several months of sweater weather that progressed to coat wearin weather…like y’all I’m still wearing shorts here!  My Texan family and coworkers don’t get my amazement that I am still sweating in November.  I’m all like, “OMG it doesn’t feel like winter!” and they are all like, “OMG it’s going to be in the 50’s tonight, where’s my electric blanket?”

Sorry for the longest into into a post ever.  Now I’m ready to get to the point.  Even though December has come out of nowhere I’m planning on embracing it with open arms!  Welcome favorite month!  So I’m “Making a list, checking it twice…”  Obviously Christmas songs are on the brain 🙂

  • Buy my family awesome presents (now that I have a real job I can do better then mugs with hot cocoa)
  • Bake at least 3 different types of holiday cookies from scratch
  • Spend as much time with my mom and brothers as I can while they are visiting from SC
  • Organize a picture scavenger hunt
  • Start making my list of New Year’s Resolutions
  • Get dressed really fancy and take myself out someplace new
  • Run in a reindeer romp
  • Spend at least 1 day volunteering
  • Adopt a family
  • Go on a Christmas light night run
  • Watch as many ABC family’s 25 days of Christmas movies as I can while sipping on hot cocoa through candy cane straws mmm

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Basically I just want to get in the spirit and share it with everyone! “Tis the season to be jolly”

Bona fide

I am now a real adult.  I have car payments, rent, insurance, benefits, and I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey.  I wasn’t going to bother since I’m by myself it’s just the dog and me this week, but last Friday I received a 12lb turkey from work so I figured why not?  Since no one else but me would be eating the turkey I decided to get experimental in the kitchen and try my hand at roasting a turkey.  I made an apple cider sage turkey.  The results? Fantastic!  Seriously I’ve been bragging about the turkey to anyone and everyone.  Just take a look at my tempting turkey 😉

Nekkid turkey. His name is Burt.

All dressed up!

MMMM. Drool :p

Fall apart tender and juicy

I know! You’re impressed and want the recipe right?  Wellllll I don’t use measuring cups and IDK exactly what all I used.  I cook like my mama, a pinch of this, a hand full of that, big spoonful, a dollop, ect.  So no recipe.  Sry.  I’m sure that your turkey was delicious too though.  Oh fun fact: I made my turkey Monday so I got too eat it all week.  Annnd now it’s Friday and I didn’t touch the turkey today, I’m so sick of turkey.  Good thing Penny isn’t.

No worries, I got this. No turkey will go to waste on my watch!

Speaking of it being Friday, ya know what that means? 10 spots of happiness in my week.

Turkey salad x 3 for dinner, courtesy of Burt

My favorite way to eat leftover turkey

Spooning with Penny

couch naps with Penny warm my ❤

White wine sangria at Hungry’s with some wonderful company

Best Sangria Ever!

A day at the beach with my grandparents

“It’s hard for me to put into words why I like the beach so much. Everything about it is renewing for me, almost like therapy…Beach Therapy” –Amy Dykens

Saturday date night at home by myself=bliss

Receiving a text from Van about my blog! I have a reader!!! Woo hoo!
My yummy homemade stuffing
Being a total BAMF for running 8 miles on a bloody foot

LOL!!!! 😀

It’s Christmas time!!!

Now I’m off to bed since I have to be back at work at 6am.  Yup I’m definitely a bona fide adult.  🙂